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2018-08-11 13:00

Good Music Festival

Good Music Festival
kategoria: festiwale

Miejsce: Pole Piknikowe Malta
Poznań, ul. Wiankowa 2

Kup bilet

Cena biletu Standard : 100 PLN

Polish event description soon

opening: 12:00, start: 13:00

In summary, Good Music Festival or ‘GMFest’ is a platform to showcase quality music that speaks to all of us. It’s a gathering of likeminded souls coming together in one umbrella to experience a true feeling of HOUSE MUSIC.

The vision for Good Music Festival is to provide a wonderful atmosphere for collaboration between Polish DJ’s/producers and their international counterparts. Also, to provide attenders with a fun day filled with experience in music in ways they’ve never felt before. GMFest also aims at delivering a festival that is better and bigger each year, bringing unexpected jaw dropping moments to every one of the shows in a safer and friendlier environment.

** VIP ticket benefits includes ** 
access to VIP lounge 
express accreditations
free drinks at the lounge (alcohol/beverages) – All night 
free meals (grills/barbecues) – 1 meal service for each VIP attendee.
access to VIP private toilets 
private security 
access to all festival zones, except BACKSTAGE

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